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Cloud computing offers individuals access to data and applications from nearly any point

of access to the Internet,offers businesses a whole newway to cut costs for technical

infrastructure, and offers big computer companies a potentially

giant market for hardware and services.
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In today’s fast-paced environment, your company may unexpectedly find itself in urgent need of significant computing resources at any point in time. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a technology that can quickly resolve this problem: you can rent any number of servers, set up images of your operating systems or databases on them, and, thus, solve your business tasks. 

Envion Software has extensive experience in applying Amazon EC-2 technology for solving a wide spectrum of complex tasks related to various purposes 
and industry sectors. We use cutting-edge technologies to provide well-tailored solutions for each individual task, and can immediately put at your disposal 
a cost-effective team of top-notch software engineers with a good grasp of the technology.

Amazon EC2 provides scalable calculative resources in a cloud, thus facilitating the process of large-scaled calculations for developers. The easy-to-use interface of this web service allows adjusting and controlling calculative resources with a minimum effort. The process of adjusting the new servers takes 
only a few minutes. The web service allows scaling the calculative resources easily and quickly in accordance with the changing needs of your business.

Amazon EC2 allows paying only for the resources that have been used by you, and has a number of other advantages, including:

  • Elastic cloud-based calculative resources in an Internet scope
  • Total administrative control 
  • High level of security
  • Being easy to start with
  • Flexible services of a cloud hosting
  • High reliability
  • Suitability for any operating system, or database
  • The ability to interact with other Amazon web services
  • Low price

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