eLearning is experiencing explosive growth, and even university degrees can now be earned by taking a course of study via the Internet. This has created a huge need for sophisticated specialized software.

Envion embarked on this trend at its very inception and has ever since maintained a strong focus on various eLearning trends and educational technologies. Now, Envion’s eLearning practice is almost 15 years old, and we are experts in creating solutions for online training, mobile and web-based learning, distance learning, technology integration, multimedia learning, virtual classrooms, personalized learning, talent management, just-in-time learning, learner performance analysis, and interactive learning environments.

The highlights of Envion’s eLearning expertise include: 

Our long-standing eLearning experience and technological eminence are further enhanced by our ability to handle projects that are demanding and labor-intensive linguistically. The latter is ensured by a strong in-house linguistic team and ready access to a large pool of qualified linguistic experts in the several major education hubs where we have a business presence.

Today, we use our consummate knowledge of e-learning and cutting-edge technologies to extend the following services to our clients:

• Incorporating technology into all aspects of the school day.

• Building an educational ecosystem for a business.

• Creating engaging, entertaining, and effective online university courses.

• Providing a SCORM-compliant authoring tools for instructors.

• Applying a responsive design for travelers and BYOD-lovers.

• Meeting the section 508 requirements for people with disabilities.

• Delivering instructor-led live virtual classroom for collaborative learners and teams.

• Adopting modern gamification concepts to the learning process.

• Introducing new learning methods, approaches, or ideas for innovators.

• Extending and customizing learning management systems.

• Performing big data mining for continuous learning improvements.

• Mastering peculiar skills in accordance with a scenario-based learning path for individuals.

• Drawing a simple and easy-to-use HTML5 interface.

• Securing learning content for private organizations.

• Deploying an e-Learning system to any cloud-based, hosted, or dedicated environment.

• Performing crowdsourcing for better learning experience.

To learn more about Envion’s eLearning-related expertise and development experience, send us an email to envioninfo@envionsoftware.com,
and we’ll be delighted to provide you with more information.

You can also download our eLearning brochure that provides a description of our related expertise and details the technology stacks we used to implement our eLearning projects.

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