Dedicated Team

The main engagement model we use in cooperation with our clients is Dedicated Team. This is one of the more widely spread engagement models used by providers of custom software. 


Envion’s Dedicated Teams

Usually, a Dedicated Team is created by us after we become acquainted with the project at hand, determine the required number of team members, their roles on the team, skills sets, and level of qualifications.

Regardless of the nature of the project, we try to make sure that at least one of the team members has a good knowledge of the corresponding business domain. The team is always lead by a seasoned PM, preferably experienced in implementing similar projects.

Once the team is created and the project is underway, the client can monitor the progress whenever they like using an instant messenger, phone, email, or a project management system.


Advantages of the Dedicated Team Engagement Model 

We favor the Dedicated Team engagement model over several other popular engagement models due to a number of distinct advantages, afforded by it both to our clients, and to us as the vendor implementing a project:

• The ability for the client to directly take part in selecting the members of the team

• Flexibility and the ability to quickly adjust the outsourcing arrangement in accordance with the needs of the project, including the related contract

• The ability to quickly and flexibly react to frequently changing project requirements

• All-round monitoring transparency for the client, with maximum control over the development process

• The ability to quickly hire more team members

• Full involvement of the team members in the project, and their total commitment to the client’s business objectives

• A seasoned PM with relevant project delivery experience

• The ability to seamlessly integrate the project team with the client’s in-house development team

• Envion provides all required project infrastructure

• Direct communication between the two project teams, or between the Envion project team, and the client’s business stakeholders or technical experts


Envion-Provided Project Infrastructure 

Along with our Dedicated Team, we put at our client’s disposal all the required project infrastructure, including office space, workstations, networking, training, talent acquisition, VoIP, and more, thus eliminating the need for them to bear additional expenses, and then to manage several separate teams.


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